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What is react native?

React native is a fast growing cross platform development framework that uses native UI elements to create world-class apps for Android, iOS, Web & UWP. Developed by Facebook Inc., the framework has gained enormous popularity among developers all across the world.

Raibs is a leading react native app development company helping startups and industry giants build robust react native solutions. Our react native specialists leverage their expertise and refined methodology to help your business grow multifolds by delivering exceptional mobile applications.

Advantages of react native app development

Besides providing a native look and feel, react native application development offers a raft of others benefits.

Code reusability

React native uses a single code base to deliver near native apps for both android, iOS.

Hot reloading

Hot reloading allows developers to immediately view changes on a page without creating a new build every time.

Modular architecture

Modular architecture helps in code scalability. and declarative coding makes app development dynamic.

Huge community support

React native has an active development community that is always willing to share and help.

Easily customisable

Live reloading helps developers see the changes made in the entire app without rebuilding it.

Live reloading

Developers can freely access already developed components, hence expediting react native app development.

Pre-built components

Eliminates the need for app Store updates, while conducting updates onthe


Code- reusability saves up to 40% of the total development cost. Further single codebase reduces maintenance cost.

Faster time to market

React native reduces coding efforts, enables faster testing & bug fixing, hence speeding up the development process by 30%.

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Our react native app development services

We provide a complete suite of React Native app development services to cater to your diverse development needs.

Full cycle product development

From conceptualisation, design, development, testing to maintenance, we provide full-cycle react native app development services. Grow your business leaps & bounds with our custom solutions.

Mvp development

Our React Native mvp development services will help you build your product in iterations while keeping your overheads low. This ensures you generate maximum user feedback and iterate into a superior product.

Maintenance & support

At Raibs, our services extend way beyond react native software development. We provide proactive support and maintenance to ensure your app runs smoothly and never faces any downtime.

Staff augmentation

We provide dedicated developers specialized in react native to help you meet your project goals and budget. You have full control on the developers, without the unnecessary overheads.

Why choose Raibs as your react native app development company in UK?

Quality services, strategic technology approach and remarkable customer satisfaction is what sets us truly apart.

Experienced mobile app developers

We hand-pick developers experienced in React Native to develop & deliver top-notch quality applications with utmost efficiency.

Agile development & on-time delivery

We use agile methodology and design thinking to efficiently handle the entire development process. Our projected timelines are precise and we adhere to them strictly.

Result-oriented strategies

We provide the best consultation on language, frameworks, library, etc. and follow a strategic approach to complete your React Native project in a result-oriented manner.

Transparency and Integrity

We value your ideas and vision, provide you with regular project updates, and consider your valuable inputs as needed.

Robust support system

As your dedicated technology partner, we provide 100% transparency and comprehensive support to ensure your project and business goals are duly met.

Competitive rates

We offer the most competitive rates in the industry. Our range of services meet the diverse budget needs of a global clientele.

Frequently asked questions

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library for creating user interfaces or UI components.

The time required to build a react native app depends on several factors such as the complexity of the design, development platform, feature set, testing, and much more. Get in touch with us with your project requirements to know the estimated timeline.

Yes, an existing native app can be migrated to a react native application with the assistance of experienced react native specialists. We, at Raibs, can help you with the step-by-step procedure of integration.

With rapid changes in the technological landscape and evolving entrepreneur’s demands, it’s safe to say that cross-platform app development processes, particularly react native is expected to be in very high demand in the near future. React native has already garnered immense popularity and businesses are keen on capitalising on its true potential.

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