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Websites Starting at £199 /- Onetime

Note: These are not complete softwares these are landing pages and websites!

Online Banking
Wealh Management
Payment Solutions
Retirement Planning
Personal Finance
Email Marketing
Chat Bot
Customer Support Software
Mobile App Landing Page
Virtual Meeting Platform
Payment Solutions
Copywriting Tool
Analytics Platform
Ai Software
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Mobile Applications Starting at £999 /- Onetime

Note: These are full applications including admin panel (user, rider & admin) full systems!

Food Delivery System Multivendor for Android & IOS


Food Delivery System Single Vendor for Android & IOS

Grocery Delivery System Multivendor for Android & IOS
Real Estate System for Android & IOS
Remittance System for Android & IOS
Bill Payment & Recharge System for Android & IOS

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01. Requirement gathering

After an NDA is signed, our business analysts understand your project. We then prepare user journeys to make sure we are well-placed to make the right recommendations for you.

02. Design prototype and user testing

We begin with a design prototype to validate the app. It takes 40 to 80 hours to design clickable prototypes, and we charge USD 25 to USD 50 per hour. If the user testing goes well, we provide a development quote to you.

03. Agile development

Our project coordinators then prepare detailed sprint goals. Only when you approve, we initiate the development process. Our coordinator does weekly calls to share progress.

04. Launch & support

We beta release the app, and if all looks good, we launch it. Our team continues to support the app for free for 6 months to deliver a great user experience.

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