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We build feature-packed, optimized, and performance-centric flutter applications to broaden your customer base and generate ROI.

Our flutter app development services

As a flutter app development company, we build a cross-platform application that helps add value to their customers and scale up your business. Whether you prefer to build an app on the iOS or Android platform, our flutter app developers build, test, and deploy user-friendly apps for the web and desktop.

Flutter application development

Our team is well-versed in Flutter app development services, that create apps that are feature-rich, secure, and highly performant. From concept to deployment, we are with you every step of the way and are committed to delivering a product that you can be proud of.

Flutter app upgrade and migration

We offer Flutter app upgrade and migration services to help you get the most out of your mobile app. We help you upgrade your current app with the latest Flutter version as well as migrate your app from a framework to a Flutter framework across operating systems.

Flutter app maintenance and support

Are you looking for reliable Flutter app maintenance and support services? We help you keep your app running smoothly and efficiently with required performance enhancements so that you can focus on your core business.

How can flutter app development services benefit you?

Flutter is an open-source framework used to build cross-platform software. The platform lets you develop a single app for both Android and iOS platforms at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of flutter app development to businesses:

Speedy code development

Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows checking the effects immediately without waiting for the code to compile. This makes Flutter app development time faster.

Easy testing

Since the single codebase is used in Flutter development, it means less time and resource allocation are implemented to conduct the quality assurance testing process.

High security

Another advantage of Flutter app development is the enhanced security measures. Apple is known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to security features.

User interface

The framework offers appealing widgets and libraries that are timely updated with new interface components. This allows developers to build native apps for iOS and Android.

High performance

Flutter app performs similarly to native apps and that is because Flutter doesn’t use JavaScript or Web view for communication between application and platform.

Large community support

Flutter is backed by large community support. Google continuously supports the development team with quick updates and fixes. Google also organizes events to help grow brands.

Partner with us to stand out from the crowd with our flutter

Whether you are a large- or small-scale business, bringing the mobile app to market is always a priority to have a communication channel for users.

Our flutter app development process is tuned to fulfill your objective as per your requirement. We make the most use of flutter widgets, and code reuse potential to provide extensiveness to our app development ideas.

Partnering with us to create a scalable application using flutter is a great decision as we are experienced and have a team of well-trained developers. Our developers are experts when it comes to using flutter for application development projects.

We have an extensive library of reusable code and components to help speed up the development process. We also provide timely and dedicated support to our clients.

Moreover, our apps are lightweight, secure, and robust and are designed to handle large workloads across multiple platforms. With us, you get a dedicated team that will make sure your application is scalable and reliable.

Flutter app development service to meet your unique requirements and help you achieve business goals

Our flutter app development project starts with a clear vision of your app including what objective it will achieve. This includes analyzing the target audience, and their needs and defining functionalities and features.

As a Flutter app development company, performance is the key that we focus on to build your Flutter app successfully. With its objective, we help businesses to develop quality yet reliable apps to meet user needs.

01. Requirement gathering

After an NDA is signed, our business analysts understand your project. We then prepare user journeys to make sure we are well-placed to make the right recommendations for you.

02. Design prototype and user testing

We begin with a design prototype to validate the app. It takes 40 to 80 hours to design clickable prototypes, and we charge USD 25 to USD 50 per hour. If the user testing goes well, we provide a development quote to you.

03. Agile development

Our project coordinators then prepare detailed sprint goals. Only when you approve, we initiate the development process. Our coordinator does weekly calls to share progress.

04. Launch & support

We beta release the app, and if all looks good, we launch it. Our team continues to support the app for free for 6 months to deliver a great user experience.

Industries we serve


We provide professional healthcare app development services to leading healthcare brands globally. Our compliance-fit mHealth solutions invent a new way of providing care.


Whether it’s shipment, packages or couriers, we engineer the right application for your logistics business, and take your services onto the customer’s doorsteps.


Whether it’s shipment, packages or couriers, we engineer the right application for your logistics business, and take your services onto the customer’s doorsteps.

Food & beverage

We craft enticing and delightful on-demand food delivery apps that come integrated with features such as order tracking and customer management.

Beauty and lifestyle

From makeup services to wellness treatments, we create impeccable beauty and lifestyle apps that bring the salon to your doorstep.

Digital agencies

As a full-stack mobile app development firm, we help companies hire dedicated mobile and web app developers to scale their digital output and boost profits.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for reliable flutter app development services, then you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in converting existing apps into Flutter, helping you take advantage of the amazing benefits this technology offers.

With flutter, you can enjoy faster development speeds, smoother performance, and a more powerful user experience. Plus, flutter helps you save on development costs and time to market.

Our team of experienced developers is eager to help you with your project and make sure you get the most out of this technology. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Yes, you can use flutter inside your existing native application. Flutter is a powerful open-source sdk created by Google that allows developers to create high-performance, high-fidelity mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

With Flutter, you can build for both Android and iOS using the same codebase. Also, you can use existing native code and libraries to extend the functionality of your Flutter app.

If you are looking for flutter app development services, Raibs  can help you develop apps as required.

Yes, we can use flutter for web development. Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. It is also used for developing web applications with the help of Flutter app development services. Flutter allows developers to create web pages with the same codebase as the one used for mobile apps. It supports features like hot reload, a wide range of widgets, and navigation. Therefore, it is a great choice for web development.

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